Underwater New York is looking for creative work inspired by our list of underwater objects, or by New York City's diverse waterways and waterfronts.* The objects we collect on our site were discovered by divers or chanced upon by everyday New Yorkers. They are objects with documented histories or objects unexplained. Were particularly interested in the stories that these objects evoke—though we welcome any work that engages with our city's waterways, in whatever form that work might take. 

So: Choose an object from our list. Any object. They’re all available for your choosing, even if that object has already inspired multiple creations.

Imagine. Research. Invent. Explore. Create. Dive in.

All that we require is that, if you are creating from an object from our list, you remain true to the object with your story – i.e. if it was found in Coney Island Creek, keep the object anchored there.

Now go! Paint. Write. Compose. Photograph. Sing. Experiment. Just be sure to share your story with us when you’re done, and tell us if you find an object to add to our list.

We accept work in any genre. We don’t publish everything, but we publish a lot, and we would appreciate the chance to share your work with our audience.

Please email all submissions or inquiries to submissions (at) underwaternewyork (dot) com. It's easiest for us if you submit with the following formats: images as .jpg, prose as .docx and poetry as both .docx and .pdf. We look forward to hearing from you!

*A note from the editors:

We are thrilled to announce that Underwater New York has received a 2017 Brooklyn Arts Fund grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council! This funding will allow us to expand our editorial vision, support and publish a broader range of voices, and provide an honorarium to our contributors.

We’re accepting submissions! Send us your investigative reporting, commentary, fiction, poetry, photo essays, short video, art installations, infographics, animation, music—or something else! We’re particularly interested in work that engages the historical, political, environmental, or ethical dimensions of our life on the waterfront.

If you have a work in progress that would benefit from financial support, please submit a brief proposal (250 words) and a budget up to $100.

We know that the richness of our city and our creative communities relies on their diversity. If you’re a person of color, a refugee, an immigrant, if you identify as LGBTQ+, if you’re a bad hombre or a nasty woman, if you fly the flag of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen—we want to hear from you!