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Waterfronts, a series of personal essays engaging with the waterways of New York City and/or Los Angeles, is a collaboration between Underwater New York and the LA-based magazine, Trop

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A Waterside by Tobias Carroll

On the small kitchen table lay a set of objects: a vial of pills that looked prescription but bore no prescription; the scuffed cover of a punk CD of unknown origin; and one of the manuals, the writing on its cardboard cover Sharpie-scrawled and illegible. Like the pills, it had arrived from her mother the previous day. Vera Schiele Obek stood over it all, eyeing the items and wondering what the coming voyage would hold.

2013-09-23 17.59.58.jpg

Ode to Far Rockaway by Nicole Cirino

It seems they don't look at the ocean here,

have maybe gotten used to the smell of brine 

as it wafts over gasoline and fried things

and the rumble of the shuttle...