Thank you to everyone who attended and supported A HELD POSTURE, and of course, thank you to Hyung Seok Jeon. 

A Held Posture is a solo performance by multi-disciplinary artist and filmmaker Hyung Seok Jeon. The piece explores the image impulse of sinking into the deep ocean. What would you see when you get to the bottom? Through a visual investigation of the abyss, the piece explores the sensation of falling and the experience of generational loss. Formal experiments, including puppetry, a live video feed, and a soundscape created with wireless headphones, guide the audience into the intimate and minimal space within the self.

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(or the Great Subway Leviathan of 1904)


by Jeff Tang

A song inspired by an 1895 NY Times article in which a man claimed to have witnessed a sea serpent swimming off the Jersey coast; the death of the American whaling industry; and the construction of the first NYC subway tunnels in 1904.