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Horse Bone Bluffs by Nicole Antebi. See the full image here. 

Horse Bone Bluffs by Nicole Antebi. See the full image here

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Scrap Dive by Margaret C. Argiro with Ed Fanuzzi

Ed Fanuzzi grew up going on scrap drives during WWII, built his first diving helmet at age 11, and since then has collected innumerable items from wrecked ships in the waters around New York City. Most of all, Ed is always searching for gold.

Scrap Dive uses text, audio, objects and photos from Ed's personal collection to tell his story.  

Photo credit Charlie O'Donnell

Photo credit Charlie O'Donnell

Hypos in the Upper Bay by Elizabeth Bradley

Paddlers called it "The Soup." From a distance, it didn’t seem to be anything special: just the green expanse where the Hudson and East Rivers come together in the Upper Bay, en route to the Atlantic Ocean. For the experienced kayakers on my trip this was just what open water looks like. But from the cockpit of my little yellow loaner, it looked like a good time for prayer.