Underwater New York at Poets House

On August 24, six phenomenal UNY contributing poets–Matthea HarveyKC TrommerKatie NaughtonDanniel SchoonebeekAllyson Paty and Cate Marvin–shared their poems from the site, as well as a small, stunning selection of other work. Matthea Harvey read several poems she wrote about, and for, mermaids (she had just returned from a mermaid convention!), Cate Marvin revealed Staten Island’s dark side and KC Trommer changed the way we’ll think about “On the Waterfront” forever. We luckily caught Katie Naughton before she sails off for warmer waters (Thailand!) and were swept away by Danniel and Allyson’s “Torch Songs,” a series of poems they write, and read, together. More than sixty poetry fans assembled at beautiful Poets House, overlooking the Hudson River, for the event and many stayed afterwards to drink wine, peruse the library and celebrate. Big thanks to the poets, to the audience and to Poets House!

Here are a selection of photographs from the event: