Missive in a Bottle


To celebrate the release of the newest collection of stories from UNY contributor Ben Greenmanwe invite you to write a letter about an underwater object. What He’s Poised to Do  uses letters and letter-writing to investigate human connection and disconnection. Underwater New York uses found objects as points of entry to stories that do the same. Now you can do both – here’s how:

-       Choose an underwater object from our list

-       Imagine a story behind your object, and use a letter or postcard to tell it. It can be visual art – create a postcard inspired by your object, for example – and/or written – epistolary, expository, accusatory, any-story.

-       Email your letters to or actually mail them to 342 2nd Street, #4F, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

-       We’ll post letters here, and may share some at future events