artwork by Sleepy Peopl

Just as water has its rituals—tides, waves, temperatures—we often come to its shores with our own. Chester Higgins Jr.’s photograph, MAAFA Rebirth, documents a commemoration of the brutality of the Middle Passage in Coney Island. Maxine Henryson’s project is a daily chronicling of the Hudson River. The repetition and drudgery of Duwand’s factory work in Lashon Daley’s “Duwand Works for Good Humor Inc.” leads to her riotous imaging of how a fleet of ice cream trucks wound up sunken off the Rockaways. Both Said Sayrafiezadeh and George Boorujy tossed messages in bottles into the NYC waterways, but for very different reasons. For Cheryl French, walking along the water is a ritual in itself. Read on to see these stories, poems, photographs, and many more.