UNY / Versal Reading at WORD in Greenpoint, afterparty at the Brooklyn Barge

Underwater New York is thrilled to co-host a reading with Amsterdam-based journal Versal on Thursday, July 28th, at WORD Bookstore in Greenpoint. The seven readers--three representing UNY, four representing Versal--will be engaging with their nautical cities' shared relationship with water and with music. 

In from Amsterdam, Versal editors Anna Arov, Jennifer Arcuni and Eleanor Paynter will be reading from their own work, and will be joined by Versal contributing poet Dawn Losinger. 

UNY contributors Tobias Carroll, Alanna Schubach and Lauren Waterman will be reading from fiction and nonfiction inspired by the songs Trans-Hudson by My Favorite Citizen, The Downeaster 'Alexa' by Billy Joel and River by Joni Mitchell, respectively. For a preview, check out Alanna Schubach's essay, Islanders Like Me

Following the reading, we can mosey over to the Brooklyn Barge for drinks and superlative views.

Thursday, July 28, 7 pm.

WORD Bookstore is located at 126 Franklin Street in Greenpoint.

The Brooklyn Barge is located at 97 West Street in Greenpoint.   


Join UNY at the newly launched Brooklyn Barge Bar for an evening of drinks for the thirsty, views (and food) for the hungry, and music for the lonely, in love, and everywhere between. 

October is our birthday month, and in our 7th year we want to hear you sing. We're kicking off a year of music with a casual party on the barge, where we'll screen SEA ELEGY, an original song composed, performed, and set to film by Bobby Gagnon. Inspired by one of UNY's most evocative underwater objects, the giraffe, Bobby's short film is not to be missed. 

Join us aboard this gorgeous barge in Greenpoint, and we'll toast the end of the outdoor event season and the beginning of a year of underwater music.

Wednesday, October 14
7 pm - late
Brooklyn Barge Bar
3 Milton Street, Greenpoint